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Scent Work
Canine Fitness
Golden Oldies (special program for our nearest & dearest)

I have actively been involved in the dog world since I was a toddler (training my Dad's poor working Kelpies on the farm - not sure I knew anything about herding, but they had rock solid stays LOL). My interest in dogs however became a serious passion in 2010, when I came across a beautiful soul and passionate breeder of Dobermanns - Viv Brennan. Viv introduced me to the world of training and all aspects of breed education including diet, performance and breeding. 

Viv's last breeding (we lost her beautiful soul to Cancer in 2013) and my first experience with breeding, blessed me with Zara - my heart dog who went onto achieve everything a girl could dream of. 

*Multi-Best in Show winner and over 25+ Best in Groups and Runner Up Best in Groups

*Reached the highest possible conformation title of Australian Supreme Champion

*Awarded Australian Dobermann of the Year 2015 (DOL Breed Challenge Comp).

*Awarded Working Aptitude Evaluation - an independently assessed breed temperament test (to prove she has all the desirable qualities of the breed)

*Jumping Novice Title

*Rally O Novice Title


Following a lengthy break from the show and performance ring to have a litter of three amazing pups, she briefly came out again in 2019 to compete and achieve the her Neuter Champion Title - as an old girl - she thoroughly enjoyed being back in the spotlight!

We have trained in and competed in many additional sports including Tricks (Expert Title with DMWYD), Agility, Dock Diving, Obedience, Hoopers and most recently she is enjoying Tracking and the new sport of Scent Work - she has finally learnt to engage her nose and not rely on her brain - a hard challenge for a smart dog! Most importantly she has been a wonderful breed ambassador showing the true versatility of the breed but also showing that with the right encouragement and commitment to training - you can have a go at anything! 

My experiences with my dogs and other dogs owners who have trusted me to campaign their dogs has taken me all over Australia and even to New Zealand. Travelling with our dogs has given me some of the best experiences and memories! In particular at one of my favourite Wineries in Victoria, Yering Station, where we snuck Zara onto the grounds for an impromptu photo shoot and ended up having a small delegation of overseas tourists following us around and taking photos of her and with her LOL I'm sure they were thinking - we're not sure why this dog is famous but we need our photo with her!

My love for teaching started in 2013 when a volunteer position became vacant at the local breed club and I jumped in head first knowing I could help but with next to no knowledge of teaching except my own learning experiences. With this sudden understanding of exactly how little I knew, I threw myself into every course I could possibly attend both online and in person to gain a greater understanding on how we can communicate better with our amazing dogs. Education is something that even to this day, still forms part of my daily life as I strongly believe we NEVER have all the answers and as science and research continue to grow so must we. I still continue to volunteer teaching for clubs as I believe giving back to a community that has given so much to me is vitally important.


As the years have passed my interests in training have steered me in the direction of canine sports including Fitness, Health & Hoopers. And then on the flip side, to equally challenge our dogs mentally, I have immersed myself in helping people explore the world of Canine Enrichment and Scent Work. I think the first night of Scent Work lessons is one of my favourite to teach when owners see how mentally exhausting this is for our dogs. 




World Scent Dog Association
(Blue Level) Instructor

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Memberships 2022:

Advanced Tracking Club of WA

Canine Hoopers World


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