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KivaDog Perth, is proud to be affiliated with Hoopers Australia ( and host fun & friendly Hoopers competitions every second month in the Swan Valley. 

We have a designated spectator area (dog free) so bring a chair, a picnic, sit back and enjoy the sport!

"Hoopers is a fast growing dog sport that originated in the United Kingdom and has since spread to other countries including Australia. It involves a course with various obstacles, including hoops, large tunnels and barrels which dogs navigate under the guidance of their handler. The goal of Hoopers Australia is to create a fun and low-impact competition for dogs of all ages and breeds that emphasizes teamwork and fun. We are not a competition for speed where the fastest dog wins. The Competition will encourage competitors to progress through a titling system allowing them to progress through three titles with a bonus class for those wishing to compete with distance handling for the ultimate challenge." Hoopers Australia

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